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How do I become a guest of The MZL or MAJS?
To become a guest of The MZL / MAJS you MUST submit your material.  You can submit you material 1 of 3 ways:

  • You can submit you material on our   website. (Click: Become A Guest)
  • Send us a message on Facebook (If your music on there) www.Facebook.com/martyajohnson1 
  • Mail it to us: The MZL / MAJS, PO Box 30594, Raleigh, NC 27622

Do we listen to material sent to us?

Yes, all material is reviewed by a Staff Producer not Marty A. Johnson.  Marty does hears material of artists who are guests of The Muzic Lounge.

Will your demo be returned once reviewed?

Demos and promotional items sent to us becomes property of The MZL / MAJS and will not be returned. (Please be sure to make copies)

Why should you be a guest of The MZL / MAJS?

The MZL / MAJS is the #1 show in its market. Being a guest on our show is a good look for an artist to been seen by millions of viewers.

How can I contact Marty?

You can contact Marty through twitter at @MartyAJohnson or email him at marty@themzl.com  and on facebook at www.Facebook.com/martyajohnson1  Marty does check his email personally but may not be able to reply back to all.​

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